weLikeit welikeit is an award winning Social Media platform, powered by unique Machine Learning Algorithms that automates management and distribution of your Social Media content and rewards employees as advocates.

Smart social powered by Isla your intelligent Social Assistant.

(30 day trial, no credit card required)

"welikeit has proven to be highly effective in bringing attention to our social media pages and therefore bringing more interest to our restaurants.
We very quickly saw a rise in likes and follows as well as interactions and welikeit is so easy to use it feels like we've always been using it.
Its accessibility is also great for our staff where even the not so 'media-savvy' have been surprised by how easy it is to use"

Oliver Etridge, Operations Director for First Restaurant Group

The Benefits

  • Maximise the use of your social media to support talent attraction, customer sales, acquisition and service
  • Increase earned media value using your employees' networks
  • Uses artificial intelligence (Isla) to recommend your highest value next social media action, saving time & effort
  • 15 minute sign up with no training required
  • £99 per month, unlimited usage
  • Measurable return on investment and advanced analytics
  • Track engagement from post to purchase

What can it do for you?

Social Media

Meet Isla...

Isla (Intelligent Social Learning Algorithm) is a revolution in social media management, she is a deep linking neural network that uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to monitor the internet and social media platforms.

Optimizing the way you engage with your audience and protecting your brand, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Using Isla, your business can increase sales, enhance employee engagement and strengthen your brand.

Smart Social Media Management

Provides you with one highly intuitive tool to produce, manage, approve and measure the performance of all your Social Media messages.

  • Manage your social messages across all Channels
  • Simple visual planning and scheduling
  • Centralised approval and workflow
  • Advanced analytics
Key Features

Simple and safe Employee Advocacy

Using your greatest allies and their creativity to produce and support your company messages and in turn reward them for their contribution.

  • Harness your employees' passion as brand advocates
  • Amplify your reach and employee engagement
  • Track and reward your employees for their contribution

Preview the savings and benefits to you

Key Features

How and where do I get it?

Here. welikeit is free for 30 days, then starting at £99 per month.
Get set up and see what welikeit can do for you: higher engagement,
a stronger brand, and a more socially motivated workforce. welikeit. Smart social.

Limited time early bird pricing, starting at:

per month

(30 day trial, no credit card required)


What is welikeit?
welikeit is the first Artificial Intelligent based Social Media Managment and Employee Engagement platform.
How does the 30-day free trial work?
You can try welikeit free for 30 days! Once your trial ends, you'll need to provide credit card information to continue using your account.
Do I need a credit card to sign up?
No credit cards details are required for your free trial. Signing up takes less than five minutes!
How many Social Media accounts can I link to welikeit?
As many as you like, you can then assign these accounts to different Categories.
Do i get support while using welikeit?
Yes, we provide email support. Any questions and feedback are encouraged and we will aim to reply within 30mins.
Where can I find the mobile apps?
Are they free?

The welikeit mobile app is available for iOS (Apple App Store) with Android coming soon. The app is free to download and use for your free trial or paid subscription.
Does welikeit support all social networks?
We currently support Twitter, LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages & Facebook Profiles and Pages. We'll be adding support for Instagram and other networks over the next few months.
Will you add my feature request?
Yes. If a feature has been requested which will benefit all our customers, we will prioritise it's development.
If this is hosted in The Cloud how do I know my data is safe?
We take the security very seriously, using industry best practices to encrypt and secure your data.
welikeit is an award winning Social Media platform, powered by unique Machine Learning Algorithms that automates management and distribution of your Social Media content and rewards employees as advocates. welikeit info@welikeitmedia.com


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